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Product Overview  
WebPatron is a web protection and recovery system with advance functionalities. Once the system is activated, it will monitor 24/7 all access over the protected web contents. Once the system detects illegal file movements, content modifications or deletions, it will immediately respond with the following actions:

Activate the source file recovery mechanism to automatically and quickly restore the web content.
Notify relevant system administrators for follow-ups.
Automatically record relevant messages to the log for statistics and viewing.
With the WebPatron Web Protection and Recovery System, your business web contents are fully safeguarded all year round, leaving no loopholes for malicious conduct.
The WebPatron Web Protection and Recovery System is 100% researched and developed by Taiwanese. In addition to its full English operation interface and system message, it has complete technical independence and provides full technical support.

Main Functions
WebPatron provides a full English operation environment and user friendly interface to allow users to quickly establish a protection file list. Once the file list is established, the system will perform content backup on every single file in the list and form a content basis for future recovery.
WebPatron is specially designed to detect malicious conducts within the shortest time and immediately restore the web contents, therefore provides instant data protection over protected web contents, and put a stop to deliberate sabotage or accidental alteration.
The system will separately save the altered web contents to a particular directory for future reference and follow-up.
All sabotaging actions performed on the protected web contents are monitored and recorded, and the system will automatically notify the system administrator via e-mail.
In addition to real-time monitoring, the system also performs regular checks over the protected web contents offering double protection.
WebPatron is suitable for protection of static webpages or files, e.g., ASP, JSP, Java, html, XML, and various graphic or image files.
WebPatron is not recommended for protection of frequently changed databases or system files.

User Interface

System Requirements

Operation system: Windows 2000/XP/2003
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