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Product Overview 

Real-time network status diagram
Real-time host status distribution diagram
Real-time host/station service monitoring
Traffic ranking
Auto host/station service detection
Host reaction time trend
Network traffic trend
FTP connection activity records

NetInsight helps you monitor your network status
Auto host/station service (Web, MailK) detection
External network connection status
Network status of host and network devices
Host/station service (Web, Mail) operation status
Internal host traffic and external bandwidth use status
Internet connection activities
Instant Internet connection activities
Tracing records of Internet activities (Web, Mail, FTP, Telnet)

Auto host & network device detection
NetInsight automatically detects the IP address of internal computers and network devices to give you full control over the IP use rate and reduce clashes between the IP addresses. It automatically looks for the DNS name of the internal host machine or Windows PC name to help you identify the real IP address of the users PC. Under the DHCP environment, you can also use NetInsight to identify the actual IP address given to the users PC.

Auto host/station service detection
A lot of viruses are spread or attacked through the Web or E-mail stations, while FTP stations also often hold numerous contaminated files. Moreover, these added stations give hackers a way to break in!
Fortunately, NetInsight automatically detects the internal stations you are unaware of, information which you can use for managing the internal host/station services and reducing unnecessary risks.

Host monitoring module
Install in Windows 2000 Server to monitor the servers network traffic flow and activities. Real-time information and statistical analysis data are displayed via NetInsights monitoring platform.

Network status and host/station service monitoring
Regular detection of internal hosts/stations, internet devices and external connections.
Real-time report and record of various hosts/stations and network devices detection-response time. Comparison of different hosts/stations reaction times during service at a glance.
Real-time notification of network disconnection or station service halt, and when it begins. Events are saved for future reference. Warning via the monitor or E-mail upon disconnection.

Provides network status information in a diagram or table
Real-time host status distribution diagram
Reaction time scale
Reaction time run chart
Reaction time inquiry
Abnormality record inquiry

Network traffic monitoring
NetInsight possesses an external network traffic monitoring function. You can either obtain real-time information on the traffic volume via the ranking function or diagrams, or browse the history to understand the use status of the external bandwidth:
Real-time bandwidth use rate monitor
Real-time traffic run chart
History traffic run chart
Host traffic ranking
Network service ranking
History traffic inquiry

Network activity monitoring
Real-time TCP/UDP information on external connections, including the source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port, upload speed, download speed, transmitted volume, and bandwidth used. Ranking based on bandwidth used. Connection history for future reference. Web browsing history and URL of website accessed. E-mail sending/receiving log, including the sender, receiver, subject, and name of any attachment. Telnet and FTP connection records, including connection source, destination host, commands given, host reaction, files sent, etc.

Functions & benefits of NetInsights full security monitoring
Important host & service monitoring: Obtain real-time host status before your boss or user complains!
Auto IP and service hunting: Help you identify illegal IP addresses and services used inside the company, and prevent network resource wastage and security leaks.
Bandwidth monitoring: Give you full control over the bandwidth use status and prevent improper usage (poor usage habit), illegal usage (unapproved service setup), abnormalities (e.g., virus), etc. from occurring. This would ensure all important information can be promptly and safely delivered and reduce questioning by your boss or users. In addition, you will also get the data you need for bandwidth upgrades!

Connection status monitoring: The management of information transmitted over network services (e.g., E-mail, Web, FTP, Telnet) is critical to the security of an enterprise. NetInsight provides a full coverage recording of the usage status of these services. Like a black box containing a complete record of a flight, NetInsight provides you a complete record of your information safety.


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