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Most of IT departments set up security policies for networked endpoint devices, and these policies
include the installation of anti-virus and/or asset management software. The percentage of compliant devices drops down dramatically as new devices are deployed or systems are re-installed. It's been a tough task for the system administrator to keep all the devices complied to these policies.

UPAS-PCPatcher is capable of detecting the installed software and deploy the required software when needed.

1. Inspect the endpoint device as it's attached to the network and prevent it from accessing the
network if the risk associated with it is high.
    (1).UPAS-PCPatcher inspects each networked device as soon as it's attached to the network.
    (2).UPAS-PCPatcher ensures required software are installed and operates properly. 
          UPAS-PCPatcher also ensures that no disallowed software has been installed.
     (3)The device will be regulated once it is not complied to these policies, and the communication
          between this device and other devices in your network is impossible. This helps the
           administrator to isolate the device in question from other devices.

2.The required software not installed yet could be downloaded from the 'Redirection Page' and
the network access will be granted once this missed software is installed.
      (1).The specialized download page in UPAS-PAPatcher will be displayed on the browser of the
            non-compliant device via 'Web Page Redirect.'
      (2).This 'Redirection Page' lists the download link to the required software and helps the user to
             download the software without any trouble. The network access will be recovered as soon as
              the software is installed.

UPAS-PCPatcher makes sure that networked endpoint devices are complied to security policies and
the required software (e.g. anti-virus and asset management software) are being installed and operate properly. The non-compliant device might be affected by computer virus or put the entire network at high risk. UPAS-PCPatcher makes sure networked device are complied to security policies and helps the administrators to control these risks..

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