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Company Profile
UPAS Corp, founded in 1993, is the pioneer and leader in network monitor and security.NetInsight network monitor tool combine a family of scalable hardware with software capabilities to deliver unmatched visibility, and monitor, data traffic across WAN and Internet links. These solutions help align network and application resources with the priorities of the business, optimizing performance and reducing operational costs in the process. Webpatron is the software utility that concentrates on fixing and repairing the web site damage a hacker can create V Webpatron can recover the web site in only three seconds and even sends an email alter or short message to inform you of the repair. Use Webpatron to complete your web site security and disaster recovery play!

Invest 2 hundred million in R&D and ten year of uninterrupted upgrade and expand
During 10 years development,UPAS, Unauthorized Physical Access Sytem, which spent up to 2 hundred million dollars to the system, is the only one company which develops and researches by self and spends the most in the field of Network access and identity verification in Taiwan. The general manager J. K.  Lee recognized that to make a product best, continuity sources investment to development continuity. For this reason,UPAS paid full attention to NAC and IAM systems, and developed UPAS, which has international competitiveness. UPAS attains technical patent in Taiwan, U.S.A. , China etc.,  and also builds great brand image. 

UPAS branched out oversea, being acclaimed by financial and insurance services firms
Having developed in Taiwan many years, UPAS Corp. has already accumulated many customers and expanded to oversea recently. UPAS Corp. has branches in China, Japan and East-south Asia and service spots in Suzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Canton, and Chongqing and so on. UPAS has been approved by many financial sectors like China Merchants Bank and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which using solution of UPAS Corp. to organize NAC and IAM in Net environment to strengthen ability of checking information security and build much reliable Net environment. 

Mr. Lee claims that in addition to products, customers import and follow-up services of enterprise-class IT systems are important. To provide the best service quality to oversea customers, UPAS Corp. has found local partner in every foreign branches and has provided great and professional training programs and testing regulations, for giving the same service quality in home country to enterprise so that companies won’t be worried about becoming orphan after product importing. “If Taiwan enterprise wants to establish oversea branches, UPAS Corp. can also support them through the worldwide locations to bring the same beneficial result of IAM and NAC
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