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Access control
AD management
Network physical address
Smart Report and Addit Trail
  1.UPAS is easy to deploy and is able to operate in heterogeneous networks 
    composed of network devices and computers from different vendors.
2.Prevent the unauthorized device brought in by the user from accessing the
3.Prevent the user from changing his IP address without authorization and protect
    the server from being disrupted.
4.'Redirection Page' helps to notify the user the reason why his network access has
   been denied and promote network usage policies.
5.Detailed history records of IP/MAC/Computer/User ID/switch/port usage.

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  Softnet Webpatron  
  NetInsight automatically detects the IP address of internal computers and network devices to give you full control over the IP use rate and reduce clashes between the IP addresses. It automatically looks for the DNS name of the internal host machine or Windows PC name to help you identify the real IP address of the users PC.
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  Softnet Webpatron

Extensive monitoring and alerting on the status of network services, SNMP data, Windows and syslog events, to keep track of availability and performance of critical business systems

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UPAS offer the best and easiest way to secure, distribute and manage mobile device  for BYOD.


UPAS, buliding bridge for IP tracking & network accessing.

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